Literacy Hubs

According to the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA 2014), 93% of pupils scored zero on reading comprehension. Most of these children are from poor backgrounds and attend public schools. This project forms our core plan of building a cluster of literacy centers across schools in poor communities. We ensure that children learn to read and develop a love for reading at the end of primary six, by providing adequate resources, teacher training and support, and independent monitoring.

Bookaclan Kigo Knowledge Hub

Aliyu Makama Hub

Nuhu Bamalli Literacy Hub

Ungwan Baro Literacy Hub

Inclusive Education Advocacy

We organize seminars and training to discuss such issues as gender parity and the education of the girl-child, 21st-century teaching strategies, etc., ensuring that quality education is accessible by all.

3 schools reached

WASH in schools

With 73% of the diarrheal and enteric disease burden in Nigeria associated with poor access to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), we provided access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities for the children and teachers of LGEA Abubakar Kigo Road, Kaduna, Nigeria. Implemented in 2020, to improve health and educational outcome by decreasing WASH-related diseases, this project and its effect on stakeholders remain very significant. The rate of WASH-related absenteeism went down from 70% to well under 16% within a year. Reported WASH-related illnesses on teachers also went from over 55% to just 4%. Also notable is the number of children and teachers that missed five days or more in a term which went down from 528 to 112. Finally, the average grade of the school increased from 56 to 60.

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18A Ahmed Makarfi street, Kigo New Extension Kaduna, Nigeria


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